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Adobe Unifies Ad Campaigns across Social, Search, and Display

Technology Acquired from Efficient Frontier Now Part of Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, Delivers True Multi-Channel Optimization

SALT LAKE CITY, Adobe Digital Marketing Summit Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that technology acquired from Efficient Frontier is now available as part of the Adobe® Digital Marketing Suite, unifying social, search and display campaigns and creating true multi-channel optimization from disparate campaigns. This is a departure from multi-channel campaigns that are often operated with separate budgets, distinct data sets and unique workflows. The struggle to unify campaigns has often left digital marketers, who will collectively spend almost $100 billion globally this year on digital marketing and advertising*, in the dark as they allocate their digital ad budgets to deliver the best return.

“Adobe helps marketers deliver a high return on their ad spend investments by linking accurate attribution and forecasting capabilities to optimization across search, display and social,” said David Karnstedt, vice president and general manager, Advertising Solutions, Digital Marketing Business, Adobe. “Now marketers can replace what were traditionally ‘gut’ decisions with smarter, more accurate actions based on real data.”

Technology acquired from Efficient Frontier brings the following benefits to digital marketers and advertisers:

  • Unified View of Multi-Channel Campaigns – Customers can see which channels and campaigns are impacting key business metrics, such as conversion and revenue
  • Full Complement of Channels for a Multi-Channel Strategy – Adobe now offers campaign management and optimization for LinkedIn Ads, complementing campaign support for search, display and Facebook, with support for additional advertising channels and inventory sources on the way
  • Flexible Attribution Models – Move from an over-reliance on “last-click” attribution to more flexible models that can provide a more accurate view into what channel, or combination of channels, is responsible for results
  • Seamless Workflow from Insight to Action – Automates optimization to purchase more of what is working

Former Efficient Frontier technology is available to new and existing Adobe digital marketing customers and will expand with additional functionality as well as integrations with other products within the Digital Marketing Suite.

* = Source: IDC, Worldwide and U.S. Internet Advertising 2010-2014 Forecast and Analysis

About the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite
The Adobe Digital Marketing Suite offers an integrated and open platform for online business optimization, a strategy for using customer insight to drive innovation throughout the business and enhance marketing efficiency. The Suite consists of integrated applications to collect and unleash the power of customer insight to optimize customer acquisition, conversion and retention efforts as well as the creation and distribution of content. For example, using the Suite, marketers can identify the most effective marketing strategies and ad placements as well as create relevant, personalized and consistent customer experiences across digital marketing channels, such as onsite, display, email, social, video and mobile. The Suite enables marketers to make quick adjustments, automate certain customer interactions and better maximize marketing ROI, which, ultimately, can positively impact the bottom line.